Monthly Archives: July 2014

Steve Interviews a “Hot New Talent”

Tonight on Life Facts TV, host Steve Steinburg interviews what everyone is calling a “hot new talent” and what a surprise she is! There was no telling what was going to happen on the set, some of the producers were pretty nervous, considering Katherine’s past and they hoped she wouldn’t bring it up. Fortunately, Steve […]

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Pastor Pernid Ferner Stands Up to the Devil on the Liberal Media

Sometimes the devil comes into your life cleverly disguised as a good-natured person. Sadly that was not the case with Pastor Pernid Ferner’s recent interview on The Morning Message with Jonathon — both of Big Jewish Media. Pastor Pernid Ferner is a God-ordained Christian preacher blessed under the perfect, holy and anointed lineage of Jesus, educated […]

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Cybersecurity Poses Threat to Israel and United States

(WORLDWIDE) Recent cybersecurity threats against the United States and Israel have caused national leaders some alarm, except the Chinese. Intelligence agencies in both countries, while typically on good terms with each other, have been under stress lately due to the threats. A spokesperson for the CIA and MOSSAD has said that although the threats are […]

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