• Candidates for membership in BJM’s CFR must be anointed in writing by a current elite BJM CFR member and seconded by a minimum of three (maximum of four) other intelligent, elitist individuals; simple candidates for term membership must have either two or three seconding letters. Complex candidates may contact us indirectly at one of our live events.
  • BJM’s CFR membership is restricted to USJM citizens (native born or naturalized) and permanent residents who have applied to become citizens. If foreign born, a candidate must submit a statement that he or she has been naturalized, bought, sold, freed, or is a permanent resident who has made formal application for citizenship. All jurisdictions and all citizenry requirements will be ascertained upon arrival or departure at our discretion.
  • Candidates for terminal or concourse membership must be between the ages of now and then on January 11 of the year in which they apply, unless they don’t.
  • BJM’s CFR visiting funny fellows are prohibited from applying for membership until they have completed their fellowship tenure on BJM.
  • Officers of BJM’s CFR as well as members of the Board of Elite Directors and Committee on Comprehensive Membership are precluded from nominating or writing seconding letters on any candidate’s behalf. Unless otherwise noted.
  • Members of the Comedic Subcommittee on Term Sort-of Membership are precluded from nominating or writing seconding letters on behalf of candidates for term membership. Unless otherwise noted.
  • A spouse, close relative (e.g., parent, sibling, cousin, or the like), cleaning lady, limousine driver, horse trainer, masseuse, sex slave, or near in-law of a candidate may not formally nominate or second that candidate for membership. If you’re “the help” then you don’t count.
  • Members should refrain from writing on behalf of clients, speaking on behalf of others, or shopping on behalf of others.
  • Applications not completed by the given deadlines will not be considered. Unless we say so, live and in-person at BJM’s CFR VIP events not open to the general public in any jurisdiction. To apply for a future, past, pr present deadline, candidates must request and compete for a new application in the BJM show and venue of our choice, no expenses paid. Applicant or supplicant is responsible for all fees, fines, times, dates, correct soundbites, and talking points with full prejudice for BJM.
  • If a candidate is not elected after two consecutive application rounds, or if no one laughs, his or her file will be placed on hold for three years for membership candidates and one year for term membership candidates. After the hold period, and after non-strenuous and non-copious amounts of thought on our part, the candidate may reactivate the file for consideration. For term membership applicants, the hold period does not apply if a candidate would be ineligible to reapply due to the age restriction. Sometimes this doesn’t matter, though.
  • All BJM CFR members are required to fulfill annual dues requirements.
  • All BJM CFR members and potential members are required to follow all rules and regulations at all times, whether we decide in your favor or not, before, during, or after the application process or life of the membership, in alignment and with respect to whichever rules and regulations we wish to supply, enforce, or dictate, entirely at whim decided by us, for us, in perpetuity.


BJM’s CFR Membership Dues

For non-current members: Non-negotiable $175 per year payable in gold bullion on demand.

For current members: Non-negotiable $125 per year payable in gold bullion on demand.

NOTE: there is a mandatory application fee of $10 for all current and non-current members.

Annual dues are billed, no questions asked except for the ones we require. All dues should be paid annually or semiannually in equal installments depending on how successful we think you are and how valuable we think you are to us. Annual dues cover goods and services provided by BJM’s CFR, including a year’s subscription to Comedic Affairs valued at $65; they are NOT tax-deductible as a charitable contribution. By-Laws provide suspension of privileges of a member in default for more than sixty days, sometimes.