Applying for Membership via Our Elite Criteria...

images-7BJM’s CFR seeks quality, diversity, and balance in its membership. Criteria for membership include intellectual and comedic achievement and expertise; degree of fake experience, pseudo interest, and diversity in current involvement in international comedic affairs; promise of potential future achievement and service in foreign comedic relations; potential contributions to BJM’s CFR work; desire and ability to participate in past, present, and future BJM’s CFR activities; and standing, sitting, and sleeping amongst and with among peers (either literally, imaginary, sexually, or literally, again, but in a different context so as not to be a conflict of interest of the former literal with the latter literal, respectively and post-regeneratively). New BJM CFR members are elected twice a year by the Board of Directors offshore and out of jurisdiction of any jurisdiction so as to secure, maintain, protect, privatize, and Jewishize our organization and its members, allies, associates, alliances, anecdotes, anointing, pomp, circumstance, plotzing of goys, and other privileges.


Eligibility Requirements for BJM’s CFR

  • Candidates for BJM’s CFR membership must be nominated in writing by a current BJM CFR member and seconded by a minimum of three (maximum of four) other individuals, total strangers, or other persons.
  • Membership is restricted to United States of Jewish Media (USJM) citizens (native born, bought, sold, or naturalized) and permanent residents who have applied to become USJM citizens. If possibly foreign born, a candidate must submit a statement that he or she has been naturalized or is a permanent resident who has made a formal application for citizenship; the statement should be emailed to us.
  • BJM’s CFR members are required to fulfill annual dues requirements payable on demand without attitude.


To Apply

Candidates should email us to request the online application for membership. The email should include the following information:


  • full name
  • title and affiliation
  • date of birth
  • citizenship status (see Eligibility Requirements)
  • type of membership for which the candidate is applying
  • date or dates of previous applications for membership, if applicable
  • email address to which the link to the online application should be sent

The application consists of three parts, and all materials should be submitted to us:

  • contact information
  • CV
  • nominator and seconder information
     (letter writers will be notified via email automatically once they have been entered as a reference)


Applications not completed by the given deadlines will not be considered. To apply for a future deadline, candidates must request and complete a new application.


Annual Deadlines and Notification

All membership candidates and their letter writers will receive written notification of the election decisions according to our updated schedule (see front page for details on this ever-changing schedule).

Announcement and Award of Membership

All membership announcements will be made sometime before or after the ever-changing schedule requirements as per our decision(s) about everything. Last but not least, the entire application process may be waived for the most serious individuals applying for membership — we don’t like to waste time since the goy do enough of that already. Please see us at one of our live events for details and be sure to say the secret password, use the secret handshake, and then let us know your intentions. We’ll do the rest. And please, don’t call us, we’ll notify you what our decision(s) are, which may or may not include a call-back. Or interview. Or something else. Not sure, but we’ll let you know. We don’t have to let you know everything we do because, after all, we’re the BJM CFR — and we design the laws for you, so that we may have order. Our way.