Arthur La JA Joie JuDour (a.k.a. "Art JuDour")

Artist, Designer, 5-Time Winner of the "Art of the World Composees"

Producer, Creative Director, and Host of TV's "ART WORLD"

ART JUDOUR PHOTOArthur La Ja Joie JuDour (“Art JuDour”) is a world-class artist of the highest order, credibility, integrity, and reputation. His art is controversial, important, and groundbreaking. Not many artists dare to delve into abstract sculpturalism, but this artist doesn’t shy away from challenges. Always breaking down barriers, his new exhibitions will surely please the most discriminating curators and collectors alike. A fusion of subtle yet non-aggressive form dances with towering torque for a comprehensive motif rarely found in sculptures, paintings, fashion accessories, and other works of art of his calibre.

In other critical acclaim, his works are described as “exciting, and both modern and classical at once, with a dash of modernist humor without sacrificing texture as the new minimalism. The piece manages to bring clarity to the philosophy intrinsic to form while compositionally refraining from over indulgence. Existential hues bloom in alacrity not seen since the Shim Sham era of the Lo Hung Dong Dynasty.”

YOUTUBE FINAL VIDEO SLATEAlso, “mixed media has no limitations when Art JuDour is creating. This work is elemental in its simplicity yet structurally climactic in it resonance with cultural norms, didactic rhetoric, and histrionics left behind. Utter utility of foreground is not only the key to the story of his work, but also its prescient use of time and space throughout its metamorphosis.”

Art JuDour is a 5-Time Winner of the “Art of the World Composees” competition, the chief designer for the FURSACE all-faux-fur fashion brand, and the artistic director and director of photography for Katherine Damiana Milieu’s new upcoming hit music album “REBEL SPEAKER,” as well as her music videos, and much much more. He is the founder of the new art movement called “AESTHETIC UNAPOLOGETICISM” which is an ongoing multi-level, multi-dimensional conversation premised on freedom of speech, speaking, and words, themselves, and the various differing connections, conflicts, and contexts of meaning that all inspire.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 2.35.00 PMArt JuDour is known for accurately identifying the pulse of the public and showcasing that throughout his legendary works of art as seen in exhibitions, installations, museums, shows, other venues around the world, and in the internationally-renowned magazine of artists, art collectors, art critics, and all things art called ART WORLD. Art JuDour is the host of his own TV show, too, by the same name: ART WORLD. His personal net worth (rumored to be approximately one billion dollars) rivals that of the art world’s greatest artists of all-time: Picasso, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Jeff Koons, and of course Thomas Kincade.