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SHOW #100 – Should Trump Voters Get Healthcare Or Not?

SHOW #100 – Should Trump Voters Get Healthcare Or Not? WARNING: listening to this could make you feel ANGER and OUTRAGE at the SHOCKING things REVEALED that are or are not FAKE NEWS and FACTS that “they” don’t want you to know about in the establishment of Washington politics as usual when it comes to […]

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Meet the Jews Who Own Hollywood and the Media

  “Do the Zionist Jews own Hollywood and the media? Are they using the media to mold and shape American opinion by constantly injecting Zionist propaganda?” Only if you believe fake news bullshit! LMAO! See for yourself… Here’s a portion of such fake news LOADED with lies, logical fallacies, and its own propaganda based on […]

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BJM’s brand new late-night talk show debuts tonight starring Katherine Damiana Milieu and it’s called SPEAKERS ARE TALKING! The concept came to Katherine during one of her last broadcasts of the BJM RADIO SHOW under the new format and she felt like she really really needed to reach out and touch more of her fans, […]

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