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5 Critical Reasons Why You MUST Sell to Everyone

Hi everyone! How’s your fabulous life going these days? Mine is super-super cool and fabulous, too. I’m getting quite the reputation as a playuh in the boardroom and a freak in the bedroom, so, YEAH! LOL!!! It’s time to get serious, now, with today’s post for Big Bucks Blogging by Katherine Damiana Milieu. Ready? There’s […]

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Special Report is DONE! Wow!

Well my vacation was just great, but now I’m back in the office doing what needs to be done for my inner circle and I just wanted to let you in on something… The welcome letter is FINISHED! Oh. My. Gosh. Um, YEAH! It’s done. So I will be posting it very soon, so be […]

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So much to do… WOW!

Oh my gosh. I’ve been so busy lately with working on recording tracks for REBEL SPEAKER, doing the photoshoots for the album, doing other photoshoots for the new fashion line I’m the spokesmodel for, doing extra media, starting the new TV show… and it just goes on and on and I realized something about myself: […]

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