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Is This National Speaker Taking Over BJM?


Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 4.30.33 PMAmerica’s Favorite National Motivational Speaker, Katherine Damiana Milieu, has been busy working with the new media company, Big Jewish Media, getting ready for something big. While she has appeared on Life Facts with Steve Steinburg and NEWS NOW with Jordan McNamara, the in-demand speaker says she has much bigger plans than making publicity appearances on other people’s shows. What are those big plans? The speaker has declined comment to BJM’s reporters, but rumor has it that she is in contract negotiations with the media empire’s top brass about possibly hosting her own show.

“Right now we’re just testing her to see how audiences like her and if they respond to her at all. So far the response has been very favorable, so we’re looking forward to other projects for Ms. Milieu,” says Steve Steinburg, CEO of Big Jewish Media founded by Haroldyn Monroe. However, the national speaker is not without controversy, as Pastor Pernid Ferner of Blessed Souls Ministries has pointed out on NEWS NOW by attempting to interrupt award-winning journalist Jordan McNamara about Katherine’s reputation, credibility, and what exactly does she do all day.

Although the on-air kerfuffle was expertly mediated by Jordan McNamara, himself, while anchoring the broadcast on live national television, it raised concerns with the shows producers about comedic diplomacy and just how far anyone on television should be able to go with comedy considering that the serious nature of humor is no laughing matter since it’s not to be sniffed at, much less maligned through alleged trim senses of humor while individuals worldwide are quite possibly laughing themselves to death or not laughing at all — all critical measures of concern considering comedy’s foreign policy.

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