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Who Controls Big Media?

Steve Steinburg - Big Jewish Media - Who owns the media


Big Jewish Media - Who owns the media?When it comes to answering the age-old question: “Who owns the media? Who controls the world’s media? Who owns and operates the global media empire?” The answer is obvious. It’s us: the Big Jewish Media. We are the most fabulous, largest, richest, most powerful, wealthiest, and best Jewish-media, mega-conglomerate on the face of this god-forsaken planet, so just get over it already. We OWN all of it. We CONTROL all of it. We OPERATE all of it. We ARE it.

So the conspiracy theory wackos and nut jobs can just shut up about it, there is no conspiracy because we’re right out in the open. We have total transparency. We have complete trust, faith, and honesty in who we are and what we do and why we do it. This is not up for discussion because, simply put, if you’re not on the corporate papers or in the trust, then the Big Jewish Media is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

And yes, we meant to put all of that in capital letters. Because we were yelling it and all the stupid idiots still don’t get how big we are and how small they are. And that’s just the way God wants it. We rule YOU over the airwaves, and all of you gladly watch (what else would a goyim do — they gotta be told to do everything! They’re SLAVES! They don’t think, they WORK for US! LMAO!!!!). They don’t know from chutzpah, anyway, so if they HAD any brains like we do then THEY would’ve built all this before we did. But you didn’t. Goyim are foul-mouthed, useless feeders as fellow Jew Henry Kissinger once said, and on top of it all, they bank with us, too. Now THAT’S stupid. But we’ll gladly take your money. OY!


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