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5 Critical Reasons Why You MUST Sell to Everyone



Hi everyone! How’s your fabulous life going these days? Mine is super-super cool and fabulous, too. I’m getting quite the reputation as a playuh in the boardroom and a freak in the bedroom, so, YEAH! LOL!!! It’s time to get serious, now, with today’s post for Big Bucks Blogging by Katherine Damiana Milieu. Ready?

There’s a lot of disinformation out there these days about selling and sales and all that kind of stuff. And with the emails and phone calls I’ve received over the years, and all the texts and faxes, I have to say that there’s a lot of frustration, stress, doubt, worry, and anxiety going on out there.

And, unfortunately, there’s also a lot of anger, bitterness, and resentment going on when it comes to selling and sales and making money — and these are just a few reasons why I thought it was time to clear the air with all this nonsense and lay down the law, get the facts out, blow up the lies of the naysayers and liberal liars out there, and just get on with it. Sound like a plan? Good!

Let’s get started with today’s Big Bucks Blog post, shall we?

You’ve probably experienced it before. You have a great idea for a new product or service, but you feel uneasy about the prototype and the global distribution systems for it. So what do you do: you start stressing out about it.

Although you’ve made all the right calculations on your budget and P&L and you’ve forecasted accurately for the last 10 or 20 years in everything else you’ve been wildly successful with, for some reason THIS project you’re working on RIGHT NOW has got you bogged down in the dumps feeling like one of those stupid liberals who think they know everything just because they’ve got a bachelors’ master’s or one or more doctorate degrees, licenses, certifications, and other kinds of pseudo-religious, big government propaganda “education” nonsense that is, from a certain point of view, entirely made up.

Well, I’m here to tell you that I feel your pain and your anguish. I know you put on a good front, I know you show up to church at least twice a month and try to make good on your prayer life, I know you sincerely believe in your heart that you’re finally ready to dump the drama, lose the idiots in your life who don’t believe in your dream of making millions the way that I do, and I understand how you feel. I know how angry you are, but the truth of the matter is that it’s not all your fault.

If anything, who among us can get anything done these days when the government is banging down your door trying to confiscate your guns and you bibles, right? And what’s with that idiot in the White House, anyway? Well, anyways, when it comes to selling and sales, you’ve got to go about it the way that I do otherwise you can consider yourself nothing more than a liberal. Got it?

Uh, YEAH! So you’d better follow the guidance and leadership of a real authority like me, and not question it, and just get on with it already guys! LOL!!!

Let’s look at today’s tips for The 5 Critical Reasons Why You MUST Sell to Everyone:

1) So they know you’re serious: 

I thought this one was so obvious to everyone but the more conferences I do year after year at the Ayn Rand National Convention for High-Net-Worth Capitalists Who Sell and Make Millions (like ME!), the more I realize that so many people are just not getting it, but it’s not all your fault. And, can I tell you a little secret? Personally, I feel in the core of my bones that it’s entirely the fault of the liberal media and the lame stream media for crowding out the truth when it comes to matters of money and finance and how to get rich quickly and easily like I and my friends do. So, I know that’s going to ruffle a lot of feathers out there, but you know what? I can’t ever care about idiots like that who aren’t walking with Jesus holding one hand and Jamie Dimon holding the other. Know what I mean, people? LOL!!!! People need to know that you’re serious, otherwise they won’t take you seriously. At all. Not one bit. Ever. NEVER! So that’s the first critical reason why you must sell to everyone — because you’ve got to let them know that you’re serious. Ok? Moving on…

2) So they’re not left out of the opportunity to experience your products and services

Again, this should be obvious to anyone with any kind of upward mobility regarding moving through the advanced curriculum of my Millionaire Mentorship Training of Milieu’s Millions on Mornings with Milieu… but I guess it isn’t. So, (sigh) here we go again what with the facts. For some of you this will be a review, so please be patient for the slower or dumber (and probably liberal) ones who evidently don’t care as much as the rest of us when it comes to getting this stuff down. Ready? People are always looking for more opportunities, right? Aren’t YOU doing that, yourself? YES! Am I doing that, myself? YES! Well, looking at this prayerfully and in the name of Jesus, I think that REASON is an earthly, worldly LIBERAL thing to do while distracting people from what’s really important which is the fact that people ARE always looking for new opportunities. Just like you and I do. See how that works? So if you don’t give them the opportunity to experience your new products and services, not only are you just another poser, another loser, another idiot liberal trying to rig the system in your godless favor, but you’re also a bad business person being selfish and greedy and withholding when you COULD, instead, be a GIVER and GIVE other people the opportunity to experience your products and services. Ok?

3) So they feel good about their otherwise sad, dumb, and most likely liberal life.

You know what? I should get an award from divulging so much “off the cuff” — besides the fact that winning another award would be a real coup for me. Uh, YEAH! It’d be a real coup for someone like me as a national motivational speaker who makes millions of dollars while so many people just don’t because they don’t have the guts, they don’t have the looks or moxie that I do, and they don’t care about other people feeling good about their otherwise sad, dumb, and probably a liberal life full of strife, suggestion, jealousy, and the politics of greed and animosity. How many of you wake up each morning TRYING to feel bad about your own life and your own situation or circumstances? You see my point? It’s those damned liberals with their godless, stupid agenda of big government coming to your house while you’re safe with your family and your belongings, and then they break down your door, demand to see your papers, and then obsess over scouring the house looking for guns and drugs and receipts and electronic equipment so THEY can sell it on the blackmarket to a bunch of blacks and god knows what else goes on in those liberal crime dens and terrorist cells, but I’m just saying that it’s something you need to consider when it comes to ALLOWING yourself to GIVE others the opportunity to FEEL GOOD. There. That’s done.

4) So they have a chance to rub elbows with someone fabulous like you

As I’ve said a billion times before, not everyone can BE famous, or RICH, or FABULOUS… unless you start right now, today, without delay, and TAKE ACTION NOW by joining my millionaire mentorship program for Milieu’s Millions of Millionaire Secrets on Mornings with Milieu. Ok? GAWD! You’d think, I mean you’d THINK that by now we could be experiencing some modicum of LIBERTY and FREEDOM in the United States of America these days like Ayn Rand used to but apparently that’s not what the special interests, those LIBERAL interests want us to be or do. Think about it, people: how WOULD you normally get the chance to rub elbows with someone fabulous like _____ (fill-in the blank with someone YOU think is fabulous like Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, George H.W. Bush, Barbara Bush, Laura Bush, or Bill O’Reilly or you can choose your own just for fun by choosing from one of the incredible, highly American, very successful names I’ve already mentioned!) So the key to implementing this critical tip is this: how would you normally rub elbows with someone, yes or no? You won’t believe the kinds of big-box-ass and dumb-ass-brain answers I get on this one ALL THE TIME. I mean, think about, folks! How would you NORMALLY rub elbows with someone fabulous, yes or no?

5) So you open the door to more and more sales and profits

If you close the door, no one is going to know about it. But if you never open the door, someone is going to probably talk about it and then you’ll lose that sale all because of fear. Don’t close the door on sales, people. Instead, close the door on FEAR itself and don’t listen to the false prophets out there who try to convince you to limit your opportunities by the false flag of “targeting” your message or “targeting” your prospects or anything that even uses that word the liberals confiscated and hijacked from us republicans and conservatives (“targeted”). We all know that targeting is a term used strictly under the sovereign jurisdiction of all members of the NRA and liberals and enemies of freedom and religious liberty have nothing to do with it. I’ve never used such a ridiculous method as targeting in my life and look at MY life, okay? I’m rolling in it and most liberals and other stupid idiots are just friction’ JEALOUS of my money, my success, and frankly, my looks, ok? And I can vouch for the fact that no one BUT NO ONE can vouch for others the way that I can. Justice requires that we should open the door to more capitalism and economic freedoms and monetary liberties because we the people and business people everywhere are demanding it. Enough said.

Well, that does it for this post! Don’t forget to review it as often as needed so you can get it into your brain and start living the life you were meant to live as a millionaire national speaker like me. LOL!!!! Don’t forget to watch Mornings with Milieu, too! And never forget: “If It’s Not Milieu, It’s Not True!”

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