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Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 4.30.33 PMKatherine Damiana Milieu’s first big dream was to star as one of the amateur back-up dancers for the rehearsal stand-in dance chorus for a locally-owned fast-food poultry establishment’s professional dinner theatre troupe (“Klass Act at the Chicken Shack“). “Hoofing it” back in the 70s, Katherine became smitten and bitten by what highly professional “summer-stock” performers like her call “the theatre bug.” Thus, early on the seeds of future greatness were planted when she was just 14-years old in Las Vegas.

But it wasn’t all sweetness and sunshine. On the evening of her first rehearsal as an amateur back-up dancer for the rehearsal stand-in dance chorus of the new, locally-written hit musical: “Hey, Hey, That’s My Fleece,” the transgendered Korean choreographer and part-time aerobics instructor at the local YMCA told her that she wasn’t, in fact, a star — she wasn’t even professional. She was more like a “chicken-stock” performer than a real celebrity. From that moment on, young Kathy new she had to stop hiding behind the safety and security of being an amateur back-up dancer for the rehearsal stand-in dance chorus. She needed to be in the chorus, dammit, or more. But how?

KDM - #1Young Kathy was unaware of the dangers associated with becoming too addicted too soon to the stage, the lights, the applause. She felt the instant rush of true love from all the attention, the glowing praise and other upbeat mentions or “reviews” she would often receive from 2 and sometimes 3 of the top newsletters of local bowling leagues, PTAs, and canasta clubs. Yes, Kathy was learning early-on the importance of “spreading the word” or at least spreading something.

She knew she was drunk on whole “theatre” thing, too. Young Katherine found herself swept up by the exciting backstage dramas of some of Klass Act at the Chicken Shack’s most prominent local performers — many of which had held top new-hire positions at various local Indian-owned gas stations, the Greek-owned community center, and the Catholic-owned local library/laundromat/bail-bonds emporium.

She couldn’t get enough of the pumped-up volume of the Casio keyboard overpowering the sounds of clinking silverware and stacking dishes, or the constant gray haze of Salem Lights hanging over the Wednesday-night sold-out performances  (Klass Act was the pitstop for Greyhound’s geriatric tourist demographic en route to sin city from any town in southern California). She was addicted to the never-ending stench of grease from the chicken frier mingled with mustard and funky bleach water. She was in deep and loved it all: the stage, the smells, and the promises that this kind of life could deliver to her if only she could one day own Klass Act at the Chicken Shack all for herself. 

But she was haunted by her own demons tying and strapping her down thus distracting her from tackling the rigors of what true local stardom demanded. For instance, she was addicted to the Chicken Shack’s all-you-eat bucket of spicy fries and the sauce that went with it (ketchup, ranch dressing, and tuna puree drizzled with a savory cocaine coulis). She was addicted to the late-night, after-the-show aroma of pine sol while she greeted and thanked fives and tens of raving audience members.

Plus, she believed that her birth name, Cremura “Kathy” Ravel, needed to be legally changed because it wasn’t very “show-like.” She needed a flashy name, something audiences would really remember. So she enlisted the help of one of her regular audience members, the town Mayor, Mitch “Mouth” Edelstein, to help her get the name she longed for since she was 13. Mitch filed the necessary paperwork for Katherine with the official reason for the change being “an underwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence and other legal reasons for not changing the name at this time.” After the change became official later that same evening, she and her second boyfriend that week, Edward Lancaster, Esq., decided to finally break-up for the second time after he discovered a not-so-secret digital trail of sexting messages between his former girlfriend and the Mayor.

Eventually, her promising dance career was cut short. When she was 15, several other highly influential “leading ladies” of Las Vegas stage and pole-dancing fame, had discovered that Katherine’s name was always listed on every final “call-back” sheet for auditions, but no one ever actually saw her at the auditions despite several eyewitness accounts of seeing her with each new director who waltzed into town. 

IMG_6927So two years later, something tragic happened just as her one-woman show was about to go into its twenty-third, completely sold-out Wednesday evening performance in the main employee lounge and break room at Lou’s Route One Chevron and Enchanted Pizza (with a Senior discount on Salad Bar and all-you-can-eat Vietnamese fancy shrimp cocktail IF you redeem your ticket for Katherine’s show — it seems the girl had a growing knack for marketing and sales).

Her attorney boyfriend informed her that due to circumstances beyond her control, the feds were after her for tax evasion for three years-worth of undeclared tips. But 17-year old Katherine was a trooper and a fighter, so after her show was forced to close she believed it was time to go where nobody knew her disgraced name… or the very public record of her many lawsuits, traffic fines, and other highly personal problems leaked to the local homeowners association circular.

As fate would have it, late one night in Corona, California, she had an epiphany about her lifelong dream of “going big, really big…” while entertaining a drunken truck driver at the “A CHEAP MOTEL” after a night of unbridled passion when, eventually, she had to call a cab to take her onward for the next part of her journey if she was ever going to make her dream — her really BIG dream — come true. And that dream wasn’t in Vegas, baby. It was Hollywood — the land where truly great performers would understand her as one of their own. 

KDM facebook profile logo V1So Katherine headed to L.A. giving pep-talks to herself all the way. Once, at a pitstop to get gas, she hadn’t realized her car window was down while she was giving herself one of her many rousing RA-RA sessions, and the driver next to her happened to hear it. Well, lo and behold, that other person was nothing to sniff at. It was none other than Janiece Gunderson-Hartlitt — the local chapter President of NFEDSA (National Former Exotic Dancers Speakers Association).

Well, legend has it that Katherine was inducted as an honorary new member right on the spot. But destiny played a cruel hand, again, when just three weeks after Katherine agreed to join and have Janiece mentor her, Janiece was mysteriously found dead… naked… in her triple-wide clutching a wad of pink taffeta in one hand… and a small, personal, battery-powered electronic device in the other… just outside her triple-wide located in “The Kensington Heights Trailer Estates” just outside Calabasas, California –the site of weekly meetings for NFEDSA’s most powerful ladies. 

Shortly thereafter, Katherine invited all current members of the local chapter of NFEDSA to her own lovely single-wide located in neighboring “Aviara Vistas Trailer Park and Planned Community.” Fresh with new linoleum, Katherine threw a stunning all-Vietnamese fancy shrimp-cocktail party, BBQ, and male stripper show, and as a result was instantly voted as the new President of NFEDSA. Katherine wasted no time throwing out old rules and installing her own, changing the organization’s name to the International Inspirational Speakers Bureau of which she is the permanent President, Founder, and Chairwoman of the Board.

MORNING with MILIEU tv slate FINALWith the help of a new army of young, hot, local, male, conservative republican attorneys, Katherine soon established herself as one of Calabasas’ most prominent, new up-and-comers (in more ways than one), and is now known as America’s Favorite National Motivational Speaker, a bestselling author, expert, professional singer, coach, trainer, and millionaire. She is a frequent guest on local, regional, and national media including radio, TV, print, and unique and unusual internet news programs, tele-seminars, speakers conventions, big business confabs, and other things. Katherine, a prominent conservative republican in her own right, enjoys working on her new upcoming hit music singles, workout videos, and of course her inner circle of Milieu’s Millions for Millionaire Secrets (members only) as well as being the host of TV’s Morning with Milieu