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Jonathon Does Scathing Interview with Far Right Preacher, Pernid Ferner

jonathon of the morning message on big jewish media


Jonathon screenshot 07-19-2014On the latest episode of The Morning Message with Jonathon, Pastor Pernid Ferner of Blessed Souls Ministries was interviewed. Based on recent complaints and hate mail from the congregation at Blessed Souls Ministries, it seems that Pastor Pernid did not appreciate his media exposure with Jonathon.

Jonathon left a life of surfing behind as well as his full-rides to Yale, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, and Harvard, to become a media personality at BJM. We support Jonathon in his ongoing efforts to stay clean and sober while attempting to quickly and easily as possible explain difficult subjects in simple language so those who are not as intelligent and gifted as Jonathon can understand what he’s trying to say. He is truly a blessing, and a gift.

Pastor Pernid Ferner is a controversial far-right Fundamentalist Christian preacher who leads lost souls through a holy journey towards salvation, only on Blessed Souls Ministries — Deciphering Jesus and God.

To see this good interview gone awry, please watch the current episode here.

NOTE: The opinions expressed are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of Big Jewish Media. 

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