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Katherine Damiana Milieu and her new REBEL SPEAKER album

Katherine Damiana Milieu




Katherine Damiana Milieu(NEW YORK CITY) America’s favorite national motivational speaker, conservative republican, former star of Las Vegas, and incredible singer with an amazing voice and the dance moves to go with it, is none other than Katherine Damiana Milieu, and man is she blazing new trails with her new hit single currently in post-production at an undisclosed, secret recording studio in NEW YORK CITY and sometimes in New Jersey according to regional BJM staff.

Dami (pronounced “dame-ee” as her legions of fans lovingly call her) has disallowed all paparazzi and media during the recording of her new hit single claiming that security must be kept ultra-tight. The star is unusually tight-lipped and quiet regarding what the songs are about or what her new “sound” is going to be this time around. What we know for sure is that she is revising some of her old hits from her old show from Las Vegas before her Vegas show failed due to legal complications with local law enforcement and several local law firms.

“This is, like, totally a dream come true for me as a national speaker and as an incredible singer. Um, yeah. It really really is a total dream come true, for me,” she says in an exclusive BJM interview with Jonathon of the MORNING MESSAGE. The interview is scheduled to air sometime shortly after the NEW YEAR — with exclusive interview footage and never-before seen photos from her recent photoshoot with world famous modern art photographer, Arthur La Ja Joie JuDour (Art JuDour). Don’t miss this exclusive BJM television event, ONLY on Big Jewish Media.

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