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New BJM Radio Show Format, and NEW FOLLOWERS! WOW!



BIG JEWISH MEDIA(FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) “I think the new format is jsut fabulous!” says BJM’s CEO, Steve Steinburg. “We’re getting all kinds of new followers to the show and on Facebook and Twitter, and it’s all just very very exciting. We’re just getting more and more fabulous, and it’s very exciting. We’re all just loving the new direction.”

Future plans were not discussed by the burgeoning mogul who has been in the business for years and has a rolodex to die for.

Steinburg says, “Followers from all over the world are now being exposed to the TRUTH about Big Jewish Media, and thank god because it’s about time, you know? I’m just saying. We LOVE all our new followers because they are so loyal, and they know what we’re saying.” Additional staff for BJM were not available for comment. 

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