Steve Steinburg

2nd Founder, CEO and Executive Producer of Big Jewish Media

Chairman of BJM's Comedic Fictional Relations (CFR) Group

Chairman of Council of Councils Kosher (CoCK)

Host of TV's "LIFE FACTS"

SteveSteinburg_BWSteve Steinburg: CEO, Executive Producer for BJM (Big Jewish Media, you know). Steve was born unto Sal and Sylvia Steinburg back in the day. He was a good little mensch, always so loyal to halakhah and the mitzvot and the mishnah and other meshugganah. He was SO loyal, in fact, that he attended Yeshiva University at a very early age, graduated top of his class, did the whole “go live on a kibbutz in Israel” thing — while also consulting the Knesset and Mossad on how to clean up the mess after Kissinger (who miffed it all up what with his attitude and terrible sentence structure), then came back to New York opened a little coffee shop on Houston street which he sold to Aroma for a windfall sum and quietly began his study of show business.

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 4.57.49 PMIt wasn’t long before he went in pursuit of his dreams and moved to tinsel town where he began his mentorship with legendary Hollywood movie mogul, producer, and studio founder, Haroldyn Monroe — the first (and only) CEO of the original Metro Warner Haroldyn Studios. Due to circumstances beyond poor Haroldyn’s control, he split up with then business partners Jack Warner and Louis B. Mayer both of whom went on to found their own studios, Warner Brother’s Studios and Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios, respectively, while at the same time disrespecting poor Haroldyn Monroe, may he rest in peace.

BJM LIFE FACTS TV slate FINALGod forbid that a good jew like Haroldyn should actually succeed, but, FEH! You probably know the rest of the story about the “other two” schmucks who got their own studios but only because Haroldyn was the first to show them how it’s done. Young Steven Steinburg soaked up the experience like a good little kosherized sponge and vowed to one day avenge his mentor and build his dream come true. And that is how Big Jewish Media began, folks: in Hollywood with the rest of the zealots (and a couple of Jews) all working their guts out for this crazy business of show that is like no other business we know of, you know. Anyways, Steve enjoys running the studio, hosting his own LIFE FACTS TV show and doing special presentations for BJM as well as heading up the BJM’s Comedic Fictional Relations (CFR) group as well as its Council of Councils Kosher (CoCK). 

From the Council of Council’s Mission Statement:

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 7.07.51 PMThe defining foreign, domestic, public, and private fake policy challenges of the twenty-first century are global in nature, and they’re also very Jewish. To help direct high-level international attention, narcissistic supply, comedic timing, dramatic nuance to the issues, gravitas, and effective fake policy responses to these threats and opportunities, the BJM’s Comedic Fictional Relations (CFR) group has created a Council of Councils Kosher (CoCK). The CoCK is composed of twenty-four major fake policy institutes from some of the world’s most influential wannabe countries. It is designed to facilitate candid, not-for-attribution dialogue, puffery, globally-regonized insults, and pseudo consensus building among influential comedic opinion leaders from both established, non-established, competing, and emerging nations, with the ultimate purpose of injecting drugs, sex, rock-n-roll, and a few Jews for assimilating the conclusions of its deliberations into high-level foreignesque as well as rubenesque policy circles, squares, and parallelograms within members’ cliques and queues. Click here now to read more about BJM’s Council of Councils…