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Cybersecurity Poses Threat to Israel and United States

Unknown(WORLDWIDE) Recent cybersecurity threats against the United States and Israel have caused national leaders some alarm, except the Chinese. Intelligence agencies in both countries, while typically on good terms with each other, have been under stress lately due to the threats. A spokesperson for the CIA and MOSSAD has said that although the threats are verbal, only, with several emails using what is called “black fiber technology” the threats can become lethal to billions of dollars worth of online content, storage systems, and other online and offline activities.

Last Sunday the U.S. Department of Defense issues a stern warning to the faceless web terrorists stating, “Perhaps you don’t realize we can see you and we are tracking everything you do. Keep it up. You’re not getting anywhere,” to which an email reply was sent by the anonymous cyber terrorists, claiming, “This email is coming from inside the House.” After this information was leaked by a Republican congressman to the House Intelligence Committee on Foreign Affairs and Cybersecurity, another probe was launched and seemingly thwarted by the terrorists.

From what BJM has been told, the “probe” was something like what is commonly known as a “trojan horse” virus wrapped in the United States’ own version of black fiber technology, which, to the shock and dismay of counterintelligence officials, seems to have started singing as it was deleted from the internet. What song was it singing? None other than the infamous tune by Hall and Oats, “Private Eyes Are Watching You.” House Republicans have been criticized as taking this too lightly before their summer recess and President Obama and democrats are, understandably, impatient with continued conservative gridlock and their “do-nothing” attitude. What remains a mystery, however, is the fact that both the terrorists and the U.S. Department of defense have access to the same, identical cyber weapon known in techno-geek circles as “black fiber” technology, but is known to scientists as simply another stealth virus able to replicate randomly and seek and destroy all internet IPs meta files, cookies, and other “hidden” tracking technology currently used by both Apple and Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon, and now Disney as well as a handful of television networks. Big Jewish Media currently does not condone these behaviors as they are not kosher, not good for the economy or foreign policy, and they are not Jewish.

images-1There have been recommendations made by experts in cyber security, notably Jonathon of BJM’s The Morning Message, who says, “If you care about the integrity of your online content, you should back it up now, get all of it out of the cloud, get it off those hard drives, and instead put it back onto — don’t laugh — the floppy disks we all used back int he 90s.” Are you kidding, Jonathon? OLD technology? “Yeah, I know how it sounds, but considering the fact that the terrorists don’t have access to your floppies, and neither does NSA or Edward Snowden — who is watching everything all of us do for some reason — then just do it.”

Senate democrats have warned that if this behavior continues into the summer and the fall of 2014, it could wreck horrific damage on the U.S. economy, again. By now most people have heard that past attacks originating from Israel against the United States were in fact from HAMAS imbedded within the Israeli government, itself, and have since been proven to be false attacks — a kind of “pre-test” top see if what the terrorists are doing will even work at all. Even more suspicious is the fact that the private sector billionaires know more about this right now than House republicans who, as of late, not happy with Bill Gates, Sheldon Adelson, and Warren Buffet “piling on” about the state of immigration and why House republicans won’t pass immigration reform now.

Evidently, according to Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, the terrorist attacks using black fiber technology has worked. Now Oprah is concerned about her burgeoning new television network, OWN, because if goes down, no one will be able to, quote, “Fix Their Life.” Understandably, Americans are now more concerned than ever that quality television programming won’t be available if the terrorists win again against the weakening American economy and the current state of cyber security within the Department of Defense.

BJM could not replicate this recent terrorist threat in our BJM labs nor could we confirm or deny that black fiber technology is available to the public to start using to protect themselves, their IPs, their online and offline content, or even their emails and texts. What we do know for sure is that while all web surfing is tracked, most people know that, everything that anyone does on the internet now, as a result of the injection of black fiber technology into this mix of cyber crimes, everything you do is being re-routed, so to speak, to attack your own computers, your own emails, your own bank accounts, all online sales and credit card information, and how everyone pays their bills and sends money online. It’s really a very serious problem and yet republicans and conservatives in congress are keeping quiet about this and yet again, are doing absolutely nothing about it. Could it be that they are the ones launching these attacks from what they commonly refer to as “the mountain” in Wyoming? Are the Koch brothers behind this? Is it real or another CIA test funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and RAND? Why is the FBI and CIA silent on these matters? So many questions yet to answer about cyber threats in our world today. Stay tuned as BJM continues to find out more about these and more troublesome events.

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