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SHOW #100 – Should Trump Voters Get Healthcare Or Not?

SHOW #100 – Should Trump Voters Get Healthcare Or Not? WARNING: listening to this could make you feel ANGER and OUTRAGE at the SHOCKING things REVEALED that are or are not FAKE NEWS and FACTS that “they” don’t want you to know about in the establishment of Washington politics as usual when it comes to […]

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New Lineup for 2015

It’s a slow news day, as we say… I think the 2015 lineup for BJM is going to be a real winner. Looking forward to it. I will probably be getting back into the swing of writing more articles this year, more scholarly works, more journal entries for top academic peer-review journals, and a few […]

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Why Equal Pay for Women is BAD For America

Jordan McNamara, award-winning journalist, asks the tough questions on this evening’s NEWS NOW SPECIAL EDITION PRIME, with special guest expert, Katherine Damiana Milieu — America’s Favorite National Motivational Speaker and bestselling author. The two discuss why equal pay for women is actually bad for America, bad for the American economy, and how it is also […]

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