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Pastor Pernid Ferner Stands Up to the Devil on the Liberal Media

Pernid screenshot 07-19-2014Sometimes the devil comes into your life cleverly disguised as a good-natured person. Sadly that was not the case with Pastor Pernid Ferner’s recent interview on The Morning Message with Jonathon — both of Big Jewish Media.

Pastor Pernid Ferner is a God-ordained Christian preacher blessed under the perfect, holy and anointed lineage of Jesus, educated in the school of the Holy Ghost, and leads lost souls through a holy journey towards salvation, only on Blessed Souls Ministries — Deciphering Jesus and God.

Jonathon left a good, upstanding life of working at Starbucks and Safeway for surfing. He allegedly left his so-called “career” behind to blow his mind on mind-altering Liberal substances. Allegedly, he turned down full-rides at Yale, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, and Harvard, to become a media personality at BJM. We support Jonathon in his ongoing yet difficult efforts to stay clean and sober while attempting to quickly and easily as possible explain difficult subjects in simple language so those who are not as intelligent and gifted as Jonathon can understand what he’s trying to say. He is truly a blessing, and a gift. When Pernid says so.

To see this good interview gone awry, please watch the current episode here.

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