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Pastor Reveals What Anti-Abortion Christians Don’t Want You to Know


PF 04(WORLDWIDE) The world-renowned Pastor Pernid Ferner of Blessed Souls Ministries, Deciphering Jesus and God, is beloved by millions worldwide and hated by fives and tens of others.

Why? Because he refuses to lie when it comes to the infallibility and absoluteness of the word of God in the Holy Bible, and he does so on his rollicking roller coaster of a televangelist megachurch TV show called, “Blessed Souls Ministries.” Pastor Pernid has been preaching for years, now, on the lessons one can learn from biblical scriptures, but recently the Pastor gave a shocking interview revealing the truth about alleged Christians, a truth they don’t want you to know about.

But Pastor Pernid’s interview is an intimate “tell-all” when it comes to reciting biblical scripture, saying, “It’s all right here in this good book right here the bible. Don’t make me read from the bible, now! You might get slapped by the word of God! God’ll spank your hiney!”

The increasingly popular mega-church TV show is seen by millions worldwide yet many Americans have never heard of it before, until now.

Why is that? According to Pastor Pernid, “Americans are, first and foremost, just a bunch of dumb sinners. They need to be saved from sin, from the devil, from evil, because they’re bad people and I explain that in my new interview with Jordan McNamara on News Now which will be, I’m told, a featured news story, a headline story, an important story. It’s time for the trash in America to realize they are trash and they are killing Jesus over and over again while eating their bad food, sitting in their barcolounger, drinking alcohol, cussing, fighting, and generally making a complete mess of the world and of themselves, and all of this is unpleasant to Jesus and God and Pernid. And that’s why they’re sinners.”

The Pastor’s shocking, tell-it-like-it-is interview airs soon on News Now with award-winning journalist Jordan McNamara, only on the Big Jewish Media network.

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